Amigo Pancho 3

The children of Sun Grande city were mysteriously kidnapped from the playground by some unknown bandits,as a sheriff of his home town Sancho must rescue the kids from the clutches of evil.

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He is ready to use his trusty balloon to fly over the canyon of Sun Grande to save the day. The people of the town believes he will bring the child to home safely. This time the canyon of Sun Grande are filled with notorious and deadly trap, which will test your puzzle solving ability to its very limit.

Task of the game

From its previous part Amigo Pancho,the theme of the game remains intact and the puzzles of each stages are quite tricky and requires good precision of time for choosing whether to stay in fly mode or to remain idle, A single mistake can destroy all your effort in a second, as his balloons are very fragile. The task of the Amigo Pancho 3 is to help Sheriff Sancho avoid all the hazardous trap in his path to proceed to the next level. Not only is it your mission to overcome those obstacle, but Sheriff Sancho must defeat the banditsduring his journey as well.

 >>Click Here To Play Amigo Pancho 3 <<

Amigo Pancho 3

Feature of the game-

Like the earlier Amigo Pancho games, this new sequel also consists of a maximum of 25 stages. Each of the stages are quite unique and very entertaining to play. This time the players get the taste of being a sheriff as his townspeople will sometimes cheer for his brave deeds in some of the mission.

The score system is same as the other Amigo Pancho sequel. Player starts off with 2000 points, but the points start decreasing as soon the game begins. To achieve high scores player must reach the destination faster.

For players who likes to keep track of their records and show off to other players, a brand new achievement feature has been added in Amigo Pancho 3. Some of the achievements are very difficult to obtain. These latest achievement feature will definetly add a new flavor to the game, especially for players who loves to take a challenge.

Traps and Enemies

Amigo Pancho 3 provides a new set of traps and enemies, as well as replacing and providing traps from the previous sequels. The beams and wooden box have been removed from the game. Instead you would have to overcome a sandy canyon,Mega fans, which can blow the sheriff away and bring an instant game over, Lever pulling platforms and many more astounding props and enemies. Some of the traps and props include –

Amigo Pancho New Levels

Sand- While trying to reach the top, Sheriff Sancho’s flight pathmay sometimes get blocked by sands to avoid this from happening players will have to erase the sand as quickly as possible.

Bee- To rescue the children from his hometown Sheriff Sancho will have to evade angry swarm of bees in his adventure. One deadly sting of these bees can cause an end to the game.

Shooting cactuses- These deadly shooting cactuses will try their best to pop of Sheriffs balloons using their deadly thorns. Players will have to use different types of strategy to dodge this dangerous thorns. One precise shot can burst the balloon instantly.

Bandit – As a Sheriff of his city, Sancho must fight crime in order to make sure his town remains safe from these bandit. These bandits are like Sheriff Sancho, they will fly with balloonsas welland will try to burst Sancho’s balloons. Make sure to destroy their balloons before they destroy Sancho’s or it could be the end of the Sheriff’s journey.