Amigo Pancho 2

Pancho is back to fly again with balloons, this time he is in New York and in a tuxedo, ready to party and he needs your help to get there. Help Pancho on his way up as he meets a whole new set of enemies. Amigo Pancho 2 has some new features, obstacles and/or items in the game which provides an exciting adventure. Pancho also has to race against an enemy of his, and he needs you to prevent him from reaching the top before Pancho.

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Objective of the game

Amigo Pancho 2, like Amigo Pancho, consists of very puzzling and fragile levels which are quite difficult to solve and progressively becomes more challenging. The main objective of the game is to prevent Pancho’s balloons from coming in contact with the several obstacles and enemies in every level, as they can quite easily pop the balloons. The sequel of Amigo Pancho has upgraded some features in the game but the previous flavors in the game still exist.

The objective of the game is not only to help Pancho to reach the top, but also the game consist of levelin which you will have to lead Pancho’s enemy to the obstacles to pop his balloons and proceed to the next level.

Levels and scores

Like the first part there are twenty five levels in Amigo Pancho 2 as well, but the stages are completely different, with new and innovative puzzles and the game takes place in between the buildings of New York instead of the desert. The levels in Amigo Pancho 2 do not have any difficulty choice or markings, the difficulty of the levels vary in this game.

Scores: Like the previous part the scoring system in the game are similar, that is the score decreases as the game progresses, so the faster the levels are completed, the more score you will receive. But in Amigo Pancho 2 a new scoring feature has been added. There is a range of scores according to which you will receive stars, a maximum of three stars can be achieved in every levels which can be quite challenging and great to compete and compare against your friends.

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Amigo Pancho

Obstacles and props

There are a whole new set of obstacles and props added to Amigo Pancho 2, and some of the previous obstacles are replaced. For example – the cactus and cannons etc. but they have introduced similar functioning props as well some unique ones.

Aliens – These are a new set of obstacles that must be avoided if you do not want the balloons to pop.

Spiked Platforms – These are obstacles that cannot be removed like many other obstacles in the game, and these are dangerous if not avoided.

Wooden beams and crates – The basic wooden beams and crates still exist and these still serve the purpose of providing Pancho with safety and also provides or diverts the path of other obstacles which can prevent the balloons from popping.

Bull dozers – These are new addition to the sequel and the props can be quite useful in removing different obstacles from Pancho’s path, the bull dozers although may be useful but it can be dangerous if it lands on Pancho’s head.

Ketchup bottles –Another one of the new props in the game are the Ketchup bottles, with which you can push away many obstacles from harm’s way. The pressure of the ketchup can be used to push Pancho away as well

Fans – Fans are a unique addition to the set of props in the game and these can help change Pancho’s direction, move obstacles and much more.